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Ida Ripley Workshops - October 2-5 2016

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What, When & Where:

For the Second Year, Hot Yoga Twinsburg is honored to host Yogi Ida Ripley on her 2016 North American tour. This will be be her only stop in the Cleveland area.


Ida will be presenting the following workshops...

In-Depth Posture Clinic & Bikram Class

Sunday, October 2nd, 12:00 - 6:00 pm
This full-day seminar starts with a 4-hour posture clinic in a non-heated room in which Ida details all the postures of the Bikram Beginner’s series.

She utilizes her own body, and the bodies of the participants, to illustrate how to correctly execute the postures, giving you the tools for improving your own postures -- no matter where you’re starting from!

Following the posture clinic, Ida leads a full 90 minute 26x2 class at regular heat.

The post-clinic class is a great way to solidify the things you’ve just learned!

Back-Bending Workshop

Monday, October 3rd, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
In this Workshop, you will learn how to connect with different areas of your spine, specific properties of the Bikram backward bends, which muscles to use and which ones to relax, and how to go deeper into your back bending postures!

Ida’s techniques for isolation of the lower, middle and upper spine -- as well as other areas of the body we need to use for backward bending -- will help you create maximum strength and flexibility.

A must for people serious about their Bikram yoga practice.

Synergy Partner Yoga

Tuesday, October 4th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Bring your own Partner, or Just Partner Up when you get there!

This workshop incorporates yoga, partner stretching, creative movement, flying and Thai massage. It inspires trust and communication. Synergy is more than simply working together. It brings the body into union through healing, deepens emotions of trust, evokes playfulness and builds a supportive community.

- Partner stretching includes: deep backbends, shoulder openers, supporting each other’s body weight and strength and trust building.

- In flying, you learn the movements needed to balance your partner on your feet safely and confidently.

- Thai massage includes some simple moves, in which you learn to help your partner achieve deep stretches from yoga postures but in a truly relaxed state. It is intended to develop skills within each person so they can confidently try all the stretches at home. We will teach many versions of stretches & exercises to allow people to move at their own pace.

Deep Stretch Yin Style Class
Wednesday, October 5th, 6:30 - 7:45pm
This class is a basic relaxing Hatha yoga practice.
It includes an introduction to yoga breathing and basic foundational postures, focusing on opening tight areas such as hips and low back through longer holds and passive stretching.

Teacher Training (Intermediate Series)

Mon, Tues, Wed,   October 3rd, 4th & 5th, 12:00 - 3:00 pm

Open to current Bikram/26x2 Hot Yoga Instructors.

The Intermediate Series is a next-level practice for students who love the Ghosh lineage and style of traditional Hot Yoga. It is a collection of 40+ postures taken from the Ghosh Advanced Class; a traditional practice consisting of 90+ postures.

In this Series we focus more effort on upper body strength through foundational arm balancing, as well as learning inversion postures and deeper hip and spine opening. It requires students to enlist the principles they have learned in their beginners practice -- the bedrocks of Hatha Yoga, stillness and breath -- and in turn, use them in a more advanced series. Additionally, it is designed to be accessible to a wide range of students while still being a challenging step forward for students of the Beginner's practice.

As a participant in the 3-day teacher training, you will learn the techniques for each posture, including steps for developing depth, as well as effective vocal commands for leading your students. You will have the opportunity to practice teaching the new postures with feedback on your approach. Each participant will receive a 28-page full color manual with photos and breakdowns of each of the postures.

The Intermediate Teacher Training is continuing education for hot yoga teachers who are ready to learn and teach more! By the end of training, you will be equipped to lead the Intermediate Series.


About Ida Ripley

Ida has been teaching, competing, coaching and judging Bikram Yoga since 2003 and loves it! She has hosted seminars, workshops and taught classes all over the world and has spent the better part of the past decade traveling and teaching yoga in Asia, Australia, Europe, The United States, Canada and Mexico.

"It never ceases to amaze me that I have taught this practice to people all over the world and over and over again I have witnessed the power of human communication regardless of spoken language. My tool is the human body, I learn through my own movements and through working with others." -- Ida Ripley

Her experiential knowledge of the postures, paired with her clear and concise teaching stye creates a wonderful balance of hard work and “ah-ha” moments in all of her classes!

Ida's workshops will re-invigorated your yoga practice, no matter what level you are.  She utilizes demonstration and hands-on correction to help YOU understand the mechanics of the postures, while helping you gain a deeper understanding of your own body's mechanics as well.  

Read what students have said about Ida's workshops...

"Ida Ripley's demonstration and question & answer session today was phenomenal."

"Great workshop for beginners and experienced students! Ida's alignment corrections were easy to understand and student demos were great reinforcement. Lots of "Aha" moments as Ida focused on alignment and helped students work through postures"

"I learned so much from (Ida). She knows how to deal with each and every student's touched by her knowledge and flexibility."

"In addition to all that great instruction, you yourself were personally inspiring. Your beautifully executed expressions of the postures provided invaluable visual templates to keep in mind during my own poses. Most of all, your calm, grounded focus when moving into & holding each posture was amazing to see and now to emulate in my own practice."

"That was an amazing experience! Thank you Ida for sharing your knowledge & insight. Your ability to tweak the slightest adjustment was incredible & your postures are gorgeous!"

"She has a way of explaining the human body that helped everyone understand, and didn't complicate things with technical terms. She used not only her own body, but most of us around her. It was great to see our questions answered with the examples of our bodies."

No matter your yogi level, flexibility, knowledge or experience, Ida’s seminars will leave you feeling excited about your practice. She spends time using demonstration and repetition to help students understand the mechanics of the postures, gaining a deeper understanding of their own mechanics, no matter where their starting point is. She has a passion for what she does that comes out in her teaching and her love for this practice is contagious

Some Pics from Last Year's Workshops