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Come Hydrated
You Will Sweat.
Drink (WATER) at least an hour before class.
You can add a bit of Sea Salt to it, if you like, to keep the electrolytes up.
Avoid drinking (alcohol) the night before.

Bring a FULL-SIZE Towel
You Will Sweat. A Lot
You don't want to be slippin' and slidin' all over your yoga mat.
Or worse yet, lying in puddle of your own sweat during the floor series.

Bring a Bottle of Water
You will be Hot. And You Will Sweat. A Lot.
The first water break comes after the 3rd Asana Set.
Party Time!
After that, just sip as needed - Between Poses Only.

Wear as Little as Possible
It will be Humid. You will be Hot. And You Will Sweat. A Lot.
Don't be Shy. We're all in the same boat.
A Hot, Sweaty, Humid boat.
God forbid you wear sweat pants or a sweat shirt! (though it's been done before!)
Think of it as a 90-minute tropical vacation with no need for sunscreen.

Bring your Best!
It will be Humid. You will be Hot. You Will Sweat a Lot. AND IT WILL BE HARD.
This ain't your Mama's typical yoga class!
You will be worked out. You will be wrung out. You will Rock it!
You will go home feeling Fantastic.
You Will Sleep Well Tonight, my friend...

Come Ready to Learn
There IS a Right Way and Wrong Way.
You will be Learning Ghosh-LineageYoga Here.
There is a reason behind every detail of every pose.
(even the resting poses)
Listen to the instructor, and calmly follow along.
And you'll get the workout of your life!

Share the Love
Sweating Together is Fun!
There's a Unique Energy we create as we Work Together.
The following tips help get that energy flowing...

Get Here on Time.
(at least 15 minutes before class starts)

If it's a smaller class, fill in close to others,
rather than spreading out across the large room.
(let's try to keep the class to one side or the other)

If you're experienced, line up toward the front
so that newer students behind you have good examples in front of them.

Embrace the Power of 'Now'
Residing in the Present Moment makes All Things Possible
During class...
Don't think about Yesterday - Don't worry about Tomorrow

Look at yourself in the mirror...
You are Right Here, Right Now

If you mind starts to wander, if your brain starts churning,
just focus on your breathing and stay present
"I am Cool, Calm, Flexible & Strong"

This class is actually a 90-minute, open-eyed, moving Meditation.
Give your head a rest and let your body take over.

If this is your first time...

Your goal is to just stay in the room for the entire class.
It doesn't matter how strong or flexible you are right now.
Just do every pose to the Best of Your Ability
and you'll receive your Full Yoga Benefits.

If you need to sit down and rest. Do it.
There's no shame in it. We've all been there.
We've all had our first day, week, month...

If you're hot. Just be hot.
If you're tired. Just be tired.
If you're nauseous. Just be nauseous.
Just be in the room. And Just Breath.
It gets easier, as You Get Stronger.

If you're a Regular...

We recommend rocking it at least 3 times per week
to keep yourself strong, limber, and primed
for whatever the Universe decides to throw your way!