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Hot Yoga (also referred to as Bikram Yoga) is more than just the best exercise you’ll ever have – it can be a great way to heal from injury and cleanse your body that leaves you focused and relaxed. Hot Yoga classes are designed to help you burn calories, improve flexibility, and even relieve stress.


The practice is designed for beginners, but as you build strength and focus you’ll find it’s easy to continue building the workout into an intermediate or possibly an advanced practice. Hot Yoga is completely customized to your own physical fitness level – work at a pace that makes sense for your body. Some of the benefits can include:

  • Burning Calories – Give your heart a workout! Hot yoga postures are carefully designed to have you working hard to hold your balance as well as strengthen your muscles. This results in a heart-pumping workout that will definitely raise your heart rate and burn calories. It can also stretch and compress internal organs while stimulating metabolism. The practice is low impact and designed to use your own body as resistance.  You will work every muscle in your body during one Hot Yoga class!

  • Relieving Stress – We all have stress in our lives, and Hot Yoga can bring relief. First we start with breathing – over time you will learn to exercise while breathing through your nose; this reduces adrenaline and enables participants to more fully relax (while still raising your heart rate and getting a great workout). By minimizing adrenaline, your workout moves from a “heart thumping routine” to one where you are focused and calm. Hot Yoga also increases the flow of endorphins, which is another way to fight back against stress and bring you a new inner peace. And you might find yourself sleeping better, too!

  • Improve Flexibility – The high room temperature enables you to safely stretch your muscles. This is particularly helpful if you are recovering from an injury and looking for a safe way to start using muscles again. Regular class participants find that over time their bodies become more flexible and relaxed.

sweaty armsAdditional benefits of hot yoga can include:

  • Detoxify muscles and the rest of your body

  • Improve range of motion

  • Enhance immune system

  • Improve balance and posture

  • Elevate mood

  • Enhance concentration and focus

Hot yoga is an ongoing learning process. Our teachers are trained to talk you through the postures as part of a moving meditation; listening to these directions enables participants to focus on the words, forget about distractions, and be in the moment. Over time, as you continue practicing Hot Yoga, your body will go deeper into every posture, enabling you to get more and more out of your practice. If you come to class willing to learn, Hot Yoga Twinsburg instructors are ready to help you take your yoga to a whole new level!

The practice never gets easier, because the postures are always the same. However, many students comment that the practice SEEMS easier over time – this is because YOU get stronger. It’s a great way to measure that your body is changing and getting stronger!

Come in today and try out a class – Hot Yoga could change your life!

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