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Tracie Speth

Tracie Speth instructs the following:
  • Standard Bikram Class
  • The Bikram beginning yoga class is a 90 minute hatha yoga class.  This yoga is done in a specific sequence every class to bring healing benefits to the body and mind.  This class will challenge you and make your body feel AMAZING! 

  • Silent-Sounds Bikram Class
  • The Classic 26 & 2, but with no verbal instructions.  A teacher practices with the class.  No beginners!

  • Express Bikram Class
  • Golden Hour Class
    This class is a modified version of the 90 minute class.  Great for those with a small window of time.

  • PyroPilates
    PyroPilates classes are energetic and FUN! 
    The combination of movements in the class will be both familiar to yoga students, as well as exciting and new.  Fast paced music provides rhythm and pacing for the Pilates movements as well as the interval work. 
    The class is essentially broken down into 3 sections that allow students to focus on:
    1. Core strength and stamina through the creative use of Pilates mat exercises
    2. Increase cardiovascular health and increased metabolism through cardio intervals
    3. Stabilize the body, improve body awareness and increase confidence of movement through additional Pilates mat exercises.
    This is a low impact training system that combines Pilates based deep core strengthening along with cardiovascular challenging High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for an intense, fun workout that increases strength, stamina, flexibility and quality of life!
    PyroPILATES classes are 60 minutes, fast paced, slightly heated and are conducted to music.