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Science of Hot Yoga with Ida Ripley

This class is taught by:

The Science of Hot Yoga (26 & 2)
with Ida Ripley
October 27th @ 9:30am


This 3+ hours beginner yoga series seminar is designed to bring forth "A-HA" moments for everyone! Hooray!

In this seminar the focus is on the proper techniques and the science of the postures to better understand what is happening in your body when you practice yoga!  YAY!

During this low-heated seminar you will learn about things like ....

  • What "lock the knee" actually means!
  • You will learn about "high-speed, oxygenated blood" and what it does during your practice.
  • You will learn to cultivate your practice as a tool to feel great in your own body!
  • And much more!

Ida Ripley is great because she utilizes her own body, and the bodies of the participants, to illustrate how to correctly execute the postures!

Ida gives YOU the tools for improving your own postures -- no matter where you’re starting from!

*Save $10 if you preregister by 10/01!